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My Jamaica – Perseverance or Futility?

By now, most of you are as familiar with this young woman’s writing as you are with my own. I do confess that laziness is perhaps at least a contributing factor, on my part, for why I reblogg and retweet her so often. Yet far beyond that, it is her ability to communicate. This mother/woman/child is able to articulate what so many feel effortlesly. At least it sure does read that way, and I for one can’t get enough. Last night’s post is one such example. So here goes:

My Jamaica – Perseveranc or Futility?.


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I do not have children, nor am I affianced or married. But, I had a girlfriend describe her days to me recently, and as is often the case – my brain went wobbly and some words came out. What follows is, how I imagine I would feel at the end of the day she described.

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