This is my personal blog.  It reflects the personal thoughts and views of a girl who on a good day calls herself BattyMatilda, unless otherwise noted.  My ideas and opinions like my dreams and aspirations evolve, and as such the ideas, opinions, dreams and aspirations expressed in this blog may also change to reflect my evolution as a person. 

“I give credit wherever it is due and possible.  If you see where I have missed giving credit please let me know using the contact information provided. If you would like to quote or link to this blog please feel free to do so as long as you give proper credit.  Anything else is stealing, and should I feel the need, inclination, and will to do so, I will bring suit against you for stealing my ideas. By using or quoting my blog you agree to indemnify me and hold me harmless from any and all lawsuits or other legal action and the proceeds of those lawsuits or legal action (up to and including, but not limited to, any award of damages – punitive or otherwise – lawyers fees and court costs) resulting from your use of my blog.” Took that straight from Cucumber Juice’s page and used her disclaimer as my framework. Is a serious sistren.

“This blog does not reflect the view of any job that I have had or currently have. Any service, good, website, or business that I mention on this blog does not constitute an endorsement or warranty about that service, good, website, or business.  It’s just a personal opinion or mention.” – Come to tink of it this is her wording too! But it also goes for me.

Again I remind you, you are reading a blog by a woman who calls herself BattyMatilda, surely you must realize that any advice you might read, dig up, buck up pon or infer is neither formal nor probably sane. If that is what you are looking for, well then bud you in the wrong place. Find the yellow pages or a friend but, don’t expect my sometimes sideways drunk mind to provide you with the technical or professional support you might need. So let’s get it straight, I am not a lawyer, doctor, I am half indian but I aint no chief. I “gwain” quote Cucumber Juice again, ’cause she say it well proper ” DO NOT USE ANYTHING ON THIS BLOG AS THE BASIS FOR ANY LEGAL ACTION – THAT IS NOT THE PURPOSE OF THE BLOG. HIRE A PROPERLY LICENSED LAWYER WHO YOU JUDGE TO BE CAPABLE OF HANDLING YOUR AFFAIRS.” An dat go fi psychiatrist, psychologist, medicine man an priest to!



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