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My Jamaica – Perseverance or Futility?

By now, most of you are as familiar with this young woman’s writing as you are with my own. I do confess that laziness is perhaps at least a contributing factor, on my part, for why I reblogg and retweet her so often. Yet far beyond that, it is her ability to communicate. This mother/woman/child is able to articulate what so many feel effortlesly. At least it sure does read that way, and I for one can’t get enough. Last night’s post is one such example. So here goes:

My Jamaica – Perseveranc or Futility?.


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Next to me (Song prompt)

Short writing exercise, using the song Next to me a prompt: WRITE!!!.

“Oh, our future was written with crayons and colouring books”… and dreams. Adulthood should have felt like falling through technicolor skies and a purple cotton haze. But,  alas, I grew up and found my twenties and thirties to be nothing like the crayon coloured dreams we had when we were ten. I still think of you, sometimes the hollow space, between my breasts, echoes with the sounds of our childish laughter. Do you remember how we met? It was the third grade, Miss Armstrong put us to sit together, and you introduced yourself as a werewolf. We were seven and werewolves were as real as the bluest sky. Sometimes, I wonder. Read the rest of this entry »


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In my secret life

It’s has been an age since putting pen to paper, or blogging, but here I am. Read the rest of this entry »


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She, He, I, We, They


I was inspired by Stephanie White’s She and Him, written for Thought Catalog – June 5, 2013. I’m not sure I recreated the magic of that piece, but this blog isn’t about being as good as or better than other writers; it serves to help me better myself. Nothing I write is ever finished, and this is no exception but for now, here it goes:

She, toys with an invisible thread, desperate for anything to distract her from the task at hand. It isn’t that she doesn’t like people. It’s far more to do with how lost she feels in a crowd, the sounds, the people, the agonizing din of laughter, and chatter, and chewing gum, and …breathing. The breathing is hers, deep breaths to calm her, but sometimes shallow, fast, staccato like hitches as she searches desperately for something to say. So, she toys with the invisible thread, hoping, nay, praying no one sees she is there.

He sees her when she enters the room. These evenings are dull but expected. One doesn’t build a business without networking, and networking requires a few drinks to say the least. Read the rest of this entry »


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I do not have children, nor am I affianced or married. But, I had a girlfriend describe her days to me recently, and as is often the case – my brain went wobbly and some words came out. What follows is, how I imagine I would feel at the end of the day she described.

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On “Happier news for gay-friendly Anglicans”

Justin Welby to be confirmed as Archbishop of ...
The earlier post entitled “Happier news for gay-friendly Anglicans” was a re-blog of the Reverend Lesley Crawley’s, from the Diocese of Guildford in England. Here are a few of my thoughts on the subject.

For quite sometime now, I have felt that the homosexual issue has not been addressed in any substantial way by local clergy, certainly not to my satisfaction. Read the rest of this entry »

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Skinny Dipping



I have a truly nasty habit, I let the pitch go by. It’s a baseball metaphor I know but, you get it. I am the girl usually perched on the sidelines, somewhere in the bleachers, observing as life sails right by. Read the rest of this entry »


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