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My Jamaica – Perseverance or Futility?

By now, most of you are as familiar with this young woman’s writing as you are with my own. I do confess that laziness is perhaps at least a contributing factor, on my part, for why I reblogg and retweet her so often. Yet far beyond that, it is her ability to communicate. This mother/woman/child is able to articulate what so many feel effortlesly. At least it sure does read that way, and I for one can’t get enough. Last night’s post is one such example. So here goes:

My Jamaica – Perseveranc or Futility?.


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The (Un)bearable Lightness of Being

TrueSelf Centre of Being picture taken from website

A quite spot on the compound

Having read Emma’s review and heard so many positives about this place from others, I have decided to give the True Self Centre of Being a try. You know how it is – I want to shake things up a bit, or in this case calm things down some. I’ve checked out their roster and their classes are not only affordable, but they sound pretty interesting and have gotten rave reviews. Now, this is all part of a personal wellness journey I started a few weeks ago. As some of you will know I turn 35 in September, and over the last decade I have gained about 40 dress sizes. Well let’s just say I am no longer a size 4-6 which, was a perfectly acceptable size, for my height. At first the weight came on slowly, but after 10 years it adds up. Read the rest of this entry »


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