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Next to me (Song prompt)

Short writing exercise, using the song Next to me a prompt: WRITE!!!.

“Oh, our future was written with crayons and colouring books”… and dreams. Adulthood should have felt like falling through technicolor skies and a purple cotton haze. But,  alas, I grew up and found my twenties and thirties to be nothing like the crayon coloured dreams we had when we were ten. I still think of you, sometimes the hollow space, between my breasts, echoes with the sounds of our childish laughter. Do you remember how we met? It was the third grade, Miss Armstrong put us to sit together, and you introduced yourself as a werewolf. We were seven and werewolves were as real as the bluest sky. Sometimes, I wonder. Read the rest of this entry »


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I do not have children, nor am I affianced or married. But, I had a girlfriend describe her days to me recently, and as is often the case – my brain went wobbly and some words came out. What follows is, how I imagine I would feel at the end of the day she described.

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Last evening, I attempted to answer the questions below, regarding books I have read. Well let me tell you ’twas an awfully difficult task, when one thinks of parsing books heretofore regarded as ones closest friends. True to my word however, and I did intend to keep it, I answered these motley questions as best I could. These darlings are treasures of some regard and, hold a very special place in my heart. They have kept me company on rainy Saturday afternoons, cheered my spirits after the death of an aunt and caused me to rethink my place in this universe. I do so hope this list sends you bounding off to your own collections, the book store or the library this weekend. Cheers to something new and to old friends revisited!

Having finished, I’ve now realized I can’t find my beloved Wind in the Willows. Oh well guess I’ll head over to Toad Hall via Project Gutenberg and observe the shenanigans there. Feel free to join me if in the neighborhood!

A Luncheon, where the company is true – Ratty, Badger, Mole & Toad


Best book you read last year – The Shack by Paul young   Read the rest of this entry »


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Things you remember

I can hear the chimes of the grandfather clock in the salon as it signals 1am. I am up. I am sat on a park bench in my front yard with Barnaby by my side, a pillow on my lap and the laptop nested comfortably atop it. There is silence now, the pregnant night pools around me – a warm security blanket, heavy laden with the careless dreams of neighbours and children and – pets – if Barnaby is any indication. There is a comfort in this quiet. The night Jasmine transports me like a gentle lullaby to the days of my childhood. Read the rest of this entry »


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