Become who you ARE

27 Jun


For whatever reason these words have, in some form or other, been chasing me lately. They’ve popped out of unexpected places. They’ve wound up in my cubby hole, and rather insisted on creating a manky old nest inside my head. They’ve generally become a nuisance, a sort of sing song in my ear. Forget the past; Forge your future.What was it Oprah said? Oh, I remember, something along the lines of listening to the still, quiet voice inside yourself, because if you don’t the messages keep coming, til at last, you get a brick upside the head. I’m sure she phrased it far better than I, but she did say it, I promise. The point is, they’ve been following me around and I suspect they aim to carry on doing so. In which case I yield. Doesn’t seem to make sense to muffle the voices and lose the message.

Walk good – BM

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