The relativity of pain…

20 Aug

Mummies are some of the world’s most extraordinary creatures, aren’t they? They tend to our boo boos and kiss us when we’ve got chocolate covered faces, and glue in our hair, and they love us long after we’ve slammed doors and screamed that they will never understand. Since discovering WordPress and blogging, I have had the pleasure of reading some truly delightful blogs, but DisturbedAfterDark ‘s blog is one of my absolute favourites. In, K&J Take On The World, this mum shares with us some of the most hilarious and heartfelt stories of motherhood and her roller-coaster life.

Everyone with a child in their lives, be ye aunt, mum, dad, older sibling or friend, knows that one question always leads to twenty more, and sometimes, skinned knees have extraordinary stories, but what makes her blog even more charming is the candor and effortlessness of the writing. Disturbed allows us to to remember that we are, all of us, more than the sum of our parts. She kisses boo boos, wrestles with big hairy dogs, bakes for preschool, writes, works, has a few tattoos and when all else fails – uses Steve Jobs to potty train.

Funny and charming, but heartfelt too, Disturbed reminds us, that sometimes we carry the dull ache of a broken heart; that our siblings are more than genetic interlopers but comrades in arms. She shares her family, her recipes, her pictures and her stories. She comforts, as she entertains. I celebrate a woman who dares to be a mother, and herself too, as individual as she is whole.

K & J Take On The World

So I got new ink recently and it got me thinking about the degrees of pain I’ve experienced over the past 15 years of getting tattooed. Naturally, thanks to my somewhat twisted mind, that moved on to other kinds of pain.

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2 responses to “The relativity of pain…

  1. disturbedafterdark

    20/08/2013 at 2:12 PM

    Oh man 🙂 … Thank you. Next round of G&T on me!


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