The Melody

13 Apr

 Once again @scsquared thought this was worth reading and so I am posting here. I can’t sleep people, at this rate you may get yet another post before the end of the night. Say it with me now, “When next love comes along it shall swathe me in its soft, gentle glow.”  

The Melody

The music takes me somewhere tonight,
To where the devil don’t want me to go
There in the half truths and furtive smiles
Bathing in the rays of many a golden sun,
There in the white heat of a moonlit night
You come alive.
You only come to me in the twilight hours,
I catch glimpses of you in the half hidden spaces
where light and shadow meld
Into shades of calmness and grey

The in-between spaces are my sheath
Beneath the broken lyric of an old beach boys song and the melody
of an Unchained heart, is where you reside
The satyr and wind chime your delicate pulse
But it is my heart that quickens when you are near,
Me rendered silent when you open your mouth
My mind that goes … blank, lacking a single coherent thought

“The heart has reasons which reason doth not know” Pascal was a fool
And a genius too,
My lips are but fated to kiss you goodbye
My arms hold no other purpose than at the last, to push you away
I am not your safe place to fall, though I wish I were
Wish I could be… knew how to be
Could be the salve which,
soothes your wound and the gentle balm to cool your lips

Instead I jostle the space inside your head
Wear your last nerve to its frayed and withered end
Too critical when you crave adoration
Unyielding when you need a bow
Unsympathetic in the face of your frailty
Unclenching when you seek my palm

I am the foil against whom she shines
The frosty retort at the end of a rough day,
I am the spike, the barb and the melody,
But never the song

Copyright © Battymatilda 2013


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