On age & Other things

12 Apr

Who knew writing a blog was such hard work? Apparently you have to write, rewrite, rub out, start over, tear up, bawl then go back again before you think you have something even remotely readable. Then you sit back and wait on someone to read, critique and send you back to tears. This is not the medium for the faint of heart. But then it hit me like a lightening bolt. I have something to say, backside! and say it I shall. Afterall if carrot top can do comedy, well den I can talk, well write at least. But of course now that I have come to that conclusion guess what? I have nothing to say. So I going to cheat, my friend @jamaicanZ posted the following yesterday and I responded. Here is what him did sey and what me did sey to him. Work with it ’til I get the hang of this blogging ting.


Me:Well thank God you’ve decided to carry on, frivolous or not – and let’s be frank this medium is rife with narcissism posing as thoughtful discourse – I enjoy your blog. But, just take a hopscotch tour through wordpress, twitter or facebook and you will see my point. Every once in a while though, you come across a real gem, where you can find, in this case, a blog, representing a concise opinion, a solid argument articulated in well constructed prose, where the writer doesn’t take himself too seriously but, cares enough to hmm I don’t know spell-check. Then your palms get sweaty, butterfly wings tickle your insides and your heart soars, what will (fill in the blank) say today I wonder? And maybe he’ll write, maybe he won’t. Oh but if he does, you are sure to be pleased as punch on a summer’s day!

By the way yu neva age yourself as bad as me bredda. Now technically me nuh drop off a calindah till way a Septemba, hole on to dat. Sometime ago was in one of my stirring Churchillian moods, went on a rampage lecturing to my younger sibling, as we all do, ‘bout the state of affairs in this our beloved nation. Random lecture reaches its mighty peak, I mean I was really giving it to “dem” JPS, JTC, JBC and every other wutliss corporation out “dere” just when I hit the summit in sweeps Captain Attentive with the following: “Ant, I remember JBC, an ah know JPS but … who the hell is JTC?” To which I replied “Jamaica Talking Catastrophe!” and promptly stormed off. I mean really now! Cho, jus bruk mi vibe .


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Posted by on 12/04/2011 in LIFE


One response to “On age & Other things

  1. JamaicanZ

    12/04/2011 at 9:57 AM

    Welcome to the blogging club… enjoy. My only advice is have fun.


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